Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  1. Is there a way for me to participate in the IOL individually?
    Currently, only those who are chosen through a national competition can participate in the IOL. You can find out how to participate in your national competition at the IOL homepage.

  2. Is there a post-IOL excursion? How much will that cost?
    The plans for the post-IOL excursion is available under the schedule section of our website (link)

  3. I am a parent/family member of a participant. Will there be any accommodation available for me?
    If you have not officially registered for the IOL 2019, we cannot provide food and housing. You may however, register as an observer. The fee for observers is 700 USD for non-family members and 350 USD for non-family members. We kindly ask you to register through your respective team leaders. If there are no more rooms available, we will not be able to accept your registration. This process is on a first come, first served basis.

  4. Is it possible to stay an additional night before/after the IOL?
    One night either before or after the IOL will not be charged. You may either arrive on Friday or leave on Sunday. In that case, please let us know in advance through the team leaders, who will be needing extra housing and when. If you require additional housing beyond this, let us know in advance. Housing is 30 USD per night per person. (60 USD for a single room) In this case the preceding Friday and the following Sunday are also charged. For example, if you arrive on Friday and require two more extra nights, you will be charged 60 USD instead of 30 USD. You can pay the fee on arrival by cash in USD or KRW.

  5. Are there any places to visit around campus? Where should I spend my free time?
    Visiting Seoul during the IOL week (Mon-Fri) is discouraged because you will be spending around 3 hours of your day travelling back and forth. Instead, you might want to visit Everland or Caribbean bay, the largest theme parks in Korea located just 30 minutes away from campus. Everland is a large, classic theme park with multiple attractions including joyrides, botanic gardens, and a zoo! Caribbean Bay is the largest water park in Korea, and you can find an enormous wave pool and several water slides among many other attractions. Nonetheless, please do understand that we will try our best to entertain you during the IOL!

  6. How will the weather be like in Korea during the IOL?
    Through July and August, Korea will be extremely hot and humid. We suggest that you bring light, cool clothing, and that you keep hydrated. If there is a heat wave expected, we recommend that you minimize outdoor activities. You can find further information at here.

  7. Would I need a swimming suit?
    Not unless you are planning to visit Caribbean Bay individually.

  8. Do I need to prepare cash (KRW)?
    Most of the places accept cards in Korea. But you might want to have some cash (KRW) in case you'd like to enjoy street foods or buy some souvenirs during the excursion. You can buy KRW at the airport. There is a bank inside the campus but quite far away from the dorm.

For further enquiries, kindly submit your question via the contact us page or send us an email at