Registration Schedule

* Every time and date displayed here is KST (UTC+9)

Important Notice

Team registration is closed! See here for who's coming to the IOL 2019!

Observer registration is closed!

No fee is refundable beyond June 26.

Early bird Registration (closed)

January 14, 2019 Early bird registration opens
January 31, 2019 Early bird registration closes
February 15, 2019 Early bird deposit deadline (30%, non-refundable)
May 10, 2019 Full payment deadline
June 26, 2019 Contestants information update deadline
No fee is refundable beyond June 26.

Regular Registration (closed)

February 1, 2019 Regular registration opens
May 3, 2019 Regular registration closes
May 10, 2019 Full payment deadline
June 26, 2019 Contestants information update deadline
No fee is refundable beyond June 26.

Deadline for claiming a new working language

Claiming a new working language must be done by January 31, 2019.

"New working language" means any language that is not included in the working languages of the previous year, i.e., Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Ukrainian.

New working languages of the IOL 2019 (as of Feb 2): Bangla, Turkish, Spanish

Registration Fees

* As of February 7, 2019, below are final figures and are not subject to change.

First Team
Second Team / Non-accrediated
Regular Registraion 1,400 USD 3,000 USD
Early registraion OR Previous host 1,260 USD 2,700 USD
Early registraion AND Previous host 1,120 USD 2,400 USD

Family memeber
non-Family memeber
Observer registration fee 350 USD 700 USD
* Payment can be done in USD only.

Notes on the team registration fee

The team registration fee covers accommodation/travel/food expense of 1 team leader and 4 contestants. The number of team leaders cannot exceed the number of teams you register. For example, if you want to come with 2 team leaders and 4 contestants, one team leader should register as an observer and pay the observer fee (700 USD/person).

What are covered in the fee

As organizers, we will provide the following services to all the invited participants:

  1. Travel from the Seoul/Incheon International Airport to HUFS Global Campus, Yongin;
  2. Accommodation from July 28th till August 3rd, 2019;
  3. All meals from the dinner on July 28th till the breakfast on August 3rd, 2019.

What are not covered in the fee

Below are not covered in the fee:

  1. Visa application fee;
  2. Travel insurance;
  3. Meals, accommodation, travel expense before or after the IOL week.

Request for a single room

All participants of IOL 2019 (including contestants, team leaders, jurors, and volunteers) will be offered a double room in the HUFS dormitory. You can use the room individually, upon request. Extra charge for the single room is 150 USD/person. Please request us at if you need a single room.

Request for additional nights

Please request us at if you need want to stay at the campus for additional nights.

Individual Observers

We strongly encourage all the observers to be registered together with the teams of the country the observers are from, and pay the fee together, in order to reduce the administrative procedures and transaction fees. If you are not willing to or not able to register together, please register individually by contacting us at directly. The deadlines for individual observer registration are same with those of regular registration: Registration by May 3, Full payment by May 10.

Bank Transfer Information

See here.